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Our very own story

vyzVoice – See your data talk to you

The name vyzVoice is a concatenation of “visualize” and “analyze” data, and denotes giving the data a voice.
The vyzVoice logo has gone through a deep reflection in order to perfectly reflect our brand and purpose of existence. The dot in the center refers to the data which communicate (the orange wave) to the humanity via a powerful system represented by the black shape surrounding the data.
Our company name and logo are sustained by our tagline “see your data talk to you” which reinforces the notion that all data has a voice, and that vyzVoice will give the data the platform upon which the data may speak-out in meaningful ways to any user.

vyzVoice logo

Our excellent management

Robert Spicer
Gaëtan Holderbeke
Philippe Masschelein

Our core values


We believe great companies are built on the foundation of great people, the environment they work in, their families and communities. As Luxembourg has provided the foundation to build our business on, we are committed to giving back to the community in our treatment of our staff and customers. Always offering equal respect and opportunities to everyone is at the core of our business philosophy.


For us, having integrity means that our customers can trust us to protect them and their data, always deliver on our promises and treat their needs as we would our very own. We integrate the pillars of integrity, trust and privacy throughout the organization, from the industry-leading high end security we use in our databases to our strong commitment to frank and open dialogue with our valued clients.


The Big Data and Internet of Things revolutions are hugely impactful global trends, with the potential to revolutionize the way we live our lives and how businesses make a profit. But we should not forget what else they are – fun. We want to go above and beyond to provide an excellent service that delights our customers, and remind them of the incredible possibilities of the digital age we live in right now.


Changing ingrained behaviors require some bold and disruptive approaches. As a team, we work to create an internal culture of creativity and bold thinking, to take calculated risks, move first and move fast. We see our clients as an integral partner in structuring the direction of our business and how we work to articulate the next generation of products and services in the industrial data revolution.

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