the Chorus DCIM Solution

With continued growth in demand for data facilities worldwide, data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions must ensure reliability of services, availability of capacity, compliance with security and data privacy standards and management of costs, while remaining flexible and dynamic.

With a carbon footprint equivalent to the airline industry and data centers already consuming up to 3% of the global electricity supply,  energy management and increased use of renewable energy are key to supporting the continued rapid growth of the data center facilities and services while achieving sustainable development goals.

The vyzVoice DCIM solution, datacenterVoice,  provides a comprehensive view of all aspects of the infrastructure, enabling informed data-driven business decisions to be made based on real-time data and key insights.

Key Benefits of datacenterVoice, the Chorus DCIM Solution

Increased Uptime through Real-time Information

Complete, real-time notification management capabilities with multiple-tier escalation procedures to ensure timely issue resolution. Built in features to create SLA adherence and business continuity.

Energy and Power Cost Optimization

Accurate real-time measurement and management of data center key metrics. All personas can graphically create data center analytics, visualizations and alarm notifications including energy usage, temperature fluctuations, power consumption, humidity, air flow and cooling.

Process and Workflow Automation

Automation of the asset health monitoring process. The trend and failure analysis of device and sensor data allows to establish patterns that will optimize the issue resolution workflows.

A View From Above


Solution Key Capabilities

Energy Management

Chorus provides a real-time visibility into the energy consumption and operating efficiencies within the data center allowing organizations to lower their operational costs and meet industry-approved efficiency metrics. Data center’s power usage effectiveness (PUE) and data center infrastructure efficiency (DCIE), for example, are provided through the analytic module, allowing the organization to adhere to industry standards set by The Green Grid.

Power Management

With the evolving needs and high growth of data centers, uninterrupted power has never been more vital. Data center managers wanting to ensure 24/7 availability of their operations have the monumental task of managing the data center power system and responding to the growing demands of IT.

Asset Management

Chorus Asset Management module allows data center stakeholders to know exactly what assets, connections and capacity exist in their facility and easily make changes for optimal performance. It provides a set of graphical visualization tools to allow the infrastructure team to map out its floor space and understand where assets are, who they belong to and how they are connected.

Capacity Management

Chorus computes real-time power consumption (kW/hour) for a site and help the data-stakeholders to determine ways to balance the capacity and demand within the data center.

Identify Problems

Chorus provides a comprehensive way to manage data center events and alarms therefore reducing risk of unplanned downtime.  This functionality gives the various data-stakeholders an intelligent summary of priority issues which allows them to highlight critical issues that need attention and keep senior management inform, in real-time, about the data centers’ health.

Third Party Systems Integration

Chorus offers seamless integration with 3rd party system like the CMDB.  The combination of Chorus with the CMDB helps the data center actors to see what assets are installed, where they are located and the resources they use. It also supports them in the maintenance of changes occurring at a physical level, therefore reducing the business risks and the time it takes for staff to do their jobs and perform audits.

Multi-tenants’ Data Access

In those times of constantly growing competition, businesses are continuously looking for new service offerings which will increasing their revenues and profitability.  Thanks to its powerful access management capabilities, Chorus allows the service managers to share with their customers the data they find relevant to them.

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